Work with Kyle

Meet The Multi-Tasking Woman

Kyle Young has spent her career bringing ideas to life, from founding a national award-winning ad agency, to taking on special projects that require particular expertise, to assisting start-ups as they enter the market. Her broad experience gives her a unique perspective on how to inspire, mentor and teach others to execute their ideas in ways that are creative, cost-effective and on target.

The combination of Kyle’s lifetime of experience along with the practical knowledge, amazing resources and deep relationships she’s nourished through the years have given her the reputation as a go-to trusted advisor on business and life.

If you’d like to know more about how Kyle works with groups and individuals, to inquire about having Kyle speak to your organization, or would like to schedule an appointment or interview, please contact her office.


What women say about Kyle….

“It’s rare that you encounter someone like Kyle. With an incredibly successful career of her own, she genuinely shines when she makes her wealth of knowledge available, allowing us to move forward in our business and personal lives. Kyle is an affirming listener, and a generous, heart-centered guide. The advice she will give you is exactly what you need at the stage you are in your pursuits. She is committed to helping women embrace our own wisdom, shatter the myth of the perfect, statically balanced life, and giving us permission to live on our own terms, in tune with our own greatness.”

Oana Hogrefe – Oana Hogrefe Photography