Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Okay, I know it’s ACTUALLY January 17th, but I’m just now regrouping. I’m getting all the holiday goodies put away, I’ve cleaned out the ‘fridge, and (hopefully) swept the last Christmas tree needle out the door. NOW I’m ready for the New Year. How about you?

If, like me, you need a bit of ‘transition’ from last year to this, I’ve got an idea to share. I participated with a number of like-minded creative types to create a collaborative book called “The 28 Day Thought Diet”. With February right around the corner, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the New Year (and the shortest month) by offering a daily reading. Start your day by consciously adjusting your thoughts. Stay positive. Explore options. Learn how even tiny tweaks to your day can add up to BIG changes.

Interested? I’m offering you, dear friends, a special deal on copies ordered NOW. Be one of the first 25 to ORDER and I’ll send your book FREE. And even better…you’ll be part of my private group who will share this 28 day experience!

With all the negativity that’s infusing our world right now, why not make a POSITIVE choice. Go on the 28 Day Thought Diet, and see what a difference it can make in your life.






PS Ask a friend to partner with you on this 28 Day Diet. Because it’s always more fun when you share with a friend.




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