We need a Wellness Checkup for our Digital Souls.
Today, I'm excited to share a terrific post by my friend and fellow writer Kristi York Wooten. On reading, it really struck home with me. The is why no matter how much 'social' media posting I do, my [more]
It’s always time to say ‘Thanks’….
Graduation. Weddings. Baby Showers. WOW! It's the season, all right! Time to remember the ALWAYS important Thank You note. Need a refresher? Here's one of our most popular posts. A lot has been writte[more]
Party in your PJs … via Twitter!
Twitter me this… “Who wouldn’t want to go to a party in their PJ’s” Joyce asked me. And yes, I guess she’s right. That’s one reason I’ve become a fan of Twitter parties. Fun. Connec[more]
Make a note of it…
It happened again. I headed out of the office, arms loaded with stuff to carry to the car, when I saw it!   THE NOTE! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked out at the end of the day onl[more]
From frumpy to fabulous in just one class…
When I told you I’d decided to learn a few new things that were sparking my interest, I knew I’d have fun, but WOW! I just spent my Sunday afternoon with Shanna Greve and Valerie Phillips at th[more]
You gotta have heart….
Girls, have you seen this? I found it not long ago when I followed a link a friend of mine posted on Facebook Take a minute to watch with me: Oh, wow! That couldn’t happen to me… could it[more]
If your cups runneth over…
To tell you the truth, I run hot and cold on infomercials. They do catch my attention occasionally, and have been known to suck me in with their promises of oh-so-flat flat abs (I wish!), super absorb[more]
How many white blouses does one woman need?
Only one if it's the right white blouse! I actually discovered mine out of the blue one day while shopping... [more]
I love a party that’s fabulous AND easy!
Okay, I admit it. I'm one of those gals who almost drool over Martha's pictures of the 'perfect' party... [more]
Are you a Collector or Connector?
I love people. Truly love them. I’m having my best times when I’m with people. Meeting new people... [more]