Happy New Year!
Okay, I know it’s ACTUALLY January 17th, but I’m just now regrouping. I’m getting all the holiday goodies put away, I’ve cleaned out the ‘fridge, and (hopefully) swept the last Christmas tre[more]
“The Powder and the Glory”… fascinating women!
Last night was one of those when my husband’s TV viewing choice was, shall we say, not exactly aligned with mine. His? Detective/crime. Me? Anything but! So off I went to flip my own channels. I cau[more]
Do you Listen To Your Mother?
Starting this weekend, writers around the country are ‘Giving Motherhood the Microphone’ in 39 cities. The very first show is in Atlanta, where I’m proud to be joining these 12 other fabulou[more]
How to Live… Making Your Choice
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle,” said Albert Einstein. I choose to believe that miracles are e[more]
Love in a Bowl of Soup…
My friend Ellen is the quintessential good neighbor. Whatever happens (and as you’ve heard, a lot has been happening around here lately) she shows up at the back door with a plate of cookies, a soul[more]
Let’s hear it for the 2nd New Year!
Yes, it’s September. But as my friend Jane Bertch of La Cuisine Paris reminded me, in France they have another name for it. La Rentrée. The Re-entry. “It’s the month that everyone returns from [more]
On my nightstand:  ‘Attachments: A novel’
What we say to each other in emails is a private conversation, right? Well, except when it isn’t. What if you worked in a newsroom where every email you sent was being ‘monitored’ (i.e. read) by[more]
Creating a peachy summer tradition…
You know there's nothing like a Georgia peach (she said, having been born and raised in Atlanta...LOL) but really! Summer brings these richly sweet, yellow-orange orbs with their soft brush of fuzz to[more]
The smiles say it all…
It’s been a stressful week, and if I hadn’t promised to be there, I probably would have napped in front of the Nightly News.  Soooo tired…. got to get up. It helped that it was my buddy Elaine[more]
Taking time to pickle…
The annual ritual is drawing to a close. I’ve just finished my second batch of pickles…two dozen jars which should carry us through the coming year… with a few for special sharing. It’s a two[more]