Are your priorities in order?

Are your priorities in order?
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If you’ve been following my posts, you know I’ve just finished Seth Godin’s Your Turn 7 day blog challenge. When my friend Becky emailed me asking me to join her, we both agreed we needed a ‘kick start’ to get blogging again. And thanks to Seth, we’ve done it!

Committing to 7 posts in 7 days was a bit ambitious for me, given all that was going on last week, but I did it! And I’m glad I did, because my last post had been in May of 2014. I hadn’t stopped blogging for any other reason than I just didn’t have time. Well, guess what? Last week, I didn’t have any time either. No more hours in the day. No more days in the week. Same old 24/7, but yet, I did it.

Thinking back on what it took for me to meet the Challenge, I’m can’t help thinking of something my friend Janice says, “When you say you don’t have time, it means it’s not a priority.” Wow! Read that again. It’s true, you know. If anything is important to us, we make time for it.

Something else I realized is that what I delay, put off, or procrastinate on, seems to loom larger and larger the longer time passes. Maybe it’s just me, but just one small blog post left undone becomes a monumental task in my self-judgmental mind. After jumping into this Challenge, I felt accountable to Becky. So despite my cringing at ‘how long it had been’, I just sucked it up and hit the keyboard. The lead-in for the first post? A full confession recounting all the reasons I hadn’t been writing.

The one I reason I forgot to list? I didn’t blog for seven months because it just wasn’t a priority. Now it is!

See you here on the blog.


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